Few innovations have had an impact on the world of business as much as the Internet and the digital sharing of information and commerce. Maintaining business websites, from intranets to globally accessible sites, requires people who can keep each site’s information current and secure.

The East London University Web Development program teaches students how to perform tasks associated with designing, creating and maintaining websites. Through classroom theory and laboratory applications, students are exposed to information on how to author, with appropriate coding tools, web application of database technology and other related technical subjects.

As a web developer, you could be working on a team that develops websites and web applications. An education that emphasizes web development can help you develop knowledge and skills to use scripting, graphic tools to design and develop websites and applications, and to maintain and update websites. If you’re organized and able to work well with others, you might like to pursue a career in web development.

Potential Employment Includes:

  • PERL and CGI Programming Technician
  • Web Application Developer
  • HTML Programmer
  • Website Designer
  • Database Technician

The web development degree concentration offers a wealth of knowledge found only in focused IT programs. You’ll create interactive webpages and configure mobile development environments to build basic applications for mobile devices. You’ll also explore the challenges of creating user-friendly mobile apps and the principles, techniques and implications of e-commerce. Upon completion of the degree, you’ll be able to:

  • Solve technology-related problems using effective and appropriate methods, tools and critical soft skills
  • Develop a professional identity from which to make globally, socially and ethically responsible information technology and systems decisions that are in line with legal and organizational policy requirements
  • Employ appropriate verbal and written communication skills to meet the needs of diverse audiences using oral, print and multimedia strategies
  • Recommend effective system design and maintenance solutions that meet user and organizational needs based on appropriate tools and applications for a given scenario
  • Recommend appropriate core information technologies, systems, data manipulation methods and computational thinking solutions to support organizational decision-making strategies within a business environment
  • You’ll gain hands-on experience with industry-standard software, databases, and languages, including Adobe Creative Suite (PhotoShop) and Flash. You’ll discover best practices for translating business requirements into design, and design into fast, immersive web experiences for different browsers and screen sizes using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON.

    And you’ll learn about back-end application development and e-commerce systems, from how to code data-driven web and e-commerce applications using PHP and enterprise-wide databases such as Oracle, to marketing, online retailing, and electronic supply chain management.