ELU’s Tourism Master degree will train professionals and executives to lead global business projects in the tourism Industry. The MS program offers an innovative approach in the study of tourism from the economic angle as well as the social point of view and its environmental implications. Tourism is an significant part of history, culture and economies throughout the world. It influences identity, representation and business environments in developed as well as less developing regions.

The Tourism industry needs people who understand the significance, complexity and dynamics of a diverse evolving, developing and growing sector. We combine Economics and Communication Sciences and applying their perspective and methods to tourism in courses such as Sustainable Tourism, eTourism Technology Labs, World Heritage and Tourism.

Multiple field trips and conferences will help you apply theory to practice. In balancing theory and practice this Master’s Program prepares students for employment in heritage administration, development control and consultancies, as well as for continuing in academic research.

In this program, you’ll go through:

  • Management Strategy in a Global Business Economy.
  • Globalization, Culture and Society.
  • Critical Perspectives in Tourism Management.
  • Managing Resources in Hospitality and Tourism Operations.