Whether your dream is to perform on stage or in film, as the voice of a beloved animated character or the face of an unforgettable advertisement, you can reach a global audience at East London University. Our students receive focused instruction and countless opportunities to step in the limelight.

This four-semester program is designed for the student who wants to explore a variety of performance disciplines. The intensive performance-based training is blended with a challenging range of academic-based studies. A wide range of production and performance opportunities enhances the scope of this program.

Students select a single concentration of study (Acting, Music Theatre, or Dance) and follow that path for their first three consecutive semesters. Building upon this solid foundation, future semesters offer advanced courses within the original concentration plus a variety of course options that best suits the student’s individual interests.

Advanced courses focus on career preparation, industry networking, audition techniques and cultivating an entrepreneur spirit within the performing artist. The rich breadth of this program successfully prepares students to compete within the ever-changing demands of the entertainment industry.

Our curriculum combines intensive studio practice with rigorous critical, theoretical, and historical study to inform your aesthetic choices and expression, while our interdisciplinary approach builds on a broad range of performative modes, including:

  • Live action
  • Performance installation
  • Movement research
  • Tactical and site performance
  • Interactive digital technologies
  • Performative writing