Today’s savvy marketing and communication leaders begin at the endpoints: the thoughts, behaviors, and actions of the buyer. They know the importance of differentiation, and how to establish a unique and ownable brand position in the minds of a target audience. They know how to leverage consumer insights to deliver action-inspiring messages and apply new data sources to inform pricing, packaging, and promotional strategies. And they do it all while building high-performing teams and keeping a clear line of sight on market share, volume, and ROI.

ELU’s Marketing Program teaches you how to navigate today’s challenges while grounding you in time-tested theory so you you’ll be prepared to lead tomorrow’s innovations.

Our dual-disciplined master’s degree is just one of a few in the nation that integrates the marketing discipline with communications, equipping you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Our innovative curriculum positions you to seek a leadership role in both fields, strengthening your core skills in these areas: leadership and management, marketing strategy, brand management, market research and analytics, new media, and creative production.

At ELU, you’ll be involved in hands-on assignments, including case studies where you’ll recommend a comprehensive business and marketing strategy, complete with pricing, break-even, and profitability projections. And, to provide you with hands-on knowledge in developing communication materials, you’ll learn industry standard design software.

Our Master’s degree program will expose you to the latest trends in key areas such as: leveraging web and social insights to optimize marketing activities; driving social marketing initiatives to activate user participation, engagement, and retention; and learning how people shop, socialize, and absorb information.

Master the Complexities of Today’s Marketplace:

  • Consumer Behavior & Insights: Rooted in a deep understanding of the consumer, the curriculum emphasizes research-driven insights as the foundation of effective campaigns.
  • Disciplines & Channels: Exposed to the full spectrum of communications disciplines, students are equipped to implement an effective mix of traditional and digital media channels.
  • Strategy & Creativity: Students learn how to leverage both analytical thinking and creative skills to design an engaging brand experience.
  • Applied Curriculum: Real-time client challenges and case studies provide students with valuable hands-on experience.

The curriculum combines state-of-the-art classes in e-commerce, web design, and database analysis with a broad understanding of the advertising, marketing research, and promotional skills needed to excel in the international marketing field.

The MS in Marketing program will help you develop critical skills in brand management, customer loyalty, audience engagement through diverse media and comprehensive marketing plans.

You’ll be prepared for professional careers as marketing analysts, brand directors or related marketing positions in public, private or government sectors.

In the master’s in marketing program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative data to align marketing plans to an organization’s strategic goals
  • Create integrated strategies for maximizing opportunities through the use of marketing theory and practices
  • Distill information through diverse media to inform, negotiate and persuade stakeholders
  • Develop international marketing strategies that address the commercial, political, legal and cultural environments in a global economy
  • Certify marketing practices comply with legal environments, regulatory standards and ethical practices
  • Manage a brand in cross-functional environments to ensure the creation, capture and delivery of value