East London University’s newly designed Master of Science degree is built on the latest thinking in management, strategy and leadership. The curriculum incorporates useful and practical knowledge balanced across key components of leadership excellence: human resource management and development, team and organizational leadership, and strategic management.

This program was designed by top management researchers who are dedicated to challenging students to develop forward-thinking solutions to some of the most important issues impacting organizations. Much of what is covered in the interactive classroom is based on timely and relevant frontline research findings, not the latest fad on the best sellers list.

The MS in Management and Strategy is designed for passionate, hardworking, team-oriented professionals looking to maximize their potential in managing people and leading organizations. Unlike an MBA, which usually provides broad-based business knowledge focusing specifically on the core business disciplines of accounting, marketing, finance and operations, this degree program hones in on the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and motivate people while developing “big-picture” strategies.

You’ll cover management topics in depth, including:

  • Organizational development and change
  • Strategic thinking
  • Operations management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Entrepreneurship

Align the basic direction and goals of an organization; analyze an environment’s social, political, technological, economic, and global factors; evaluate industry and market structure; and assess organizational strengths and weaknesses.
Understand the essentials of business management in a global economy, such as corporate responsibility and ethics; organizational efficiency; and decision-making frameworks for competing strategic priorities.

Leverage knowledge in corporate sustainability strategy, human resource management, strategic resource allocation, crisis management, and marketing management.