The Master of Science degree is the foundational program of the Journalism School. As an M.S. student, expect to be challenged and to work like you’ve never worked before. You’ll be on the street reporting from day one, learning to think critically and act ethically. You’ll get one­-on-­one critiques and intensive feedback from your instructors. You’ll attend small classes with a pass­-fail grading policy that fosters collaboration. The result: A grounding in the fundamental skills that will allow you to stand out and make a difference throughout your career.

If you are a professional with three or more years of professional experience in a journalism-related field, ELU’s Master’s degree in journalism might be right for you.
ELU school of journalism school makes a quality education accessible to working journalists and communicators through its online and on-campus master’s degree options in health communication, interactive media, media management or strategic communication. Learn skills and gain the credentials to excel in leadership – whether you work in print, broadcast, advertising, corporate communication or public relations.

A degree from the East London School of Journalism opens doors of opportunity worldwide. Join an influential group of alumni, including many industry executives, innovators and award winners. Enjoy the benefits of learning from faculty members noted for their accomplishments as practicing journalists as well as for their teaching and research abilities. Gain knowledge from some of the best experts in the business. Exchange ideas with fellow students and build team skills as you interact frequently throughout each course and participate in small-group projects.