Be your own boss when you earn your ELU accredited Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. This unique degree program will help an emerging entrepreneur like you to harness opportunities and build a successful business.

Business is inherently entrepreneurial in nature. But the knowledge that an entrepreneur requires is distinct from that of other business managers. The Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship shows you how to harness opportunities and build a successful business from the ground up. This degree program trains you in sound business principles, preparing a business plan, and how to finance and manage a small business.

Courses in innovation from East London University give you the skills you need to generate and implement new ideas and lead innovative teams and organizations. Taught by world-class faculty, these courses provide useful practices and strategies that you can apply immediately:

  • Apply rapid prototype concepts
  • Manage the interplay between ownership and growth
  • Maximize success in early-stage enterprise
  • Transfer technology ideas to market
  • Use the design thinking framework

East London University will open its design labs and classrooms to inspire you with proven techniques that will transform your organization. An all-star lineup of master lecturers from the Design Group at ELU join forces to share a series of their best lessons on design thinking and the art of innovation.