Clear, powerful and concise communication is vital in today’s technology-driven world. As new avenues for communication emerge, it is paramount that practitioners thoroughly understand both quantitative and qualitative communication methodologies, as this will prepare them for success.

East London University’s Communications and Corporate Communications programs build upon your critical-thinking and strategic communication skills, empowering you to amplify your branding and messaging strategy across international, national and local platforms. Both Bachelor and Master’s degrees are designed for future professionals who wish to obtain a deeper understanding and mastery of strategic communication to facilitate upward career mobility.

Communications studies is a broad field that might provide interesting opportunities for students to concentrate their studies on a particular area of communication. Some concentration options might include:

  • Mass communication
  • Organizational Communication and Technology
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Gender Communication
  • International Communication
  • Corporate Communications

There may be many other potential concentration options for student in communication studies graduate programs, including interdisciplanry courses of study that span communications and other fields. Be sure to learn about your options when you connect with our admissions staff.

Once you’ve earned your master’s, you’ll be a graduate both of a highly ranked University. You’ll have a strong, solid, valuable foundation of communication knowledge. And you’ll join a network of alumni that have excelled in virtually every field of the communication industry around the world. Your fellow alumni form a great professional resource throughout your career.