The East London Faculty of Sciences and Engineering includes 7 departments, 212 full professors, associate and assistant professors, 110 junior researchers and about 3000 students. The Faculty offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate study programs, and pursues research in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics. The Faculty of Sciences is engaged in excellent cooperation with numerous universities and institutes abroad. Professors of the Faculty have been invited as visiting lecturers to European and American universities, and young staff members, as well as postgraduate students, are regularly sent to international universities and institutes for further research.

The Faculty of Science has 8 undergraduate study programmes (Bachelor degree) encompassing 3 years of studies (180 credits), 26 graduate study programmes (Master degree) encompassing 2 years of studies (120 credits) or 5 years of studies (300 credits) and 7 postgraduate study programmes (PhD degree) encompassing 3 years of studies (180 credits). Education is at all levels characterized by teaching and supervision at a high academic level by staff actively involved in research.

The education of students in science and mathematics is a part of a comprehensive science education that qualifies them to work in research institutes, different branches of industry and production, the civil service (environmental protection, regional planning), public institutions (national parks, nature parks, reserves) and elsewhere, or as teachers in primary, secondary, and vocational schools.

All the academic staff is actively involved in research carried out at high international standards. They are supported by postgraduates and research personnel from seven departments. They work across the whole spectrum of scientific activities ranging from basic to applied research and many have been recognized internationally for their contributions to research and development.