The Faculty of Humanities at East London University is both a faculty within the tradition of human sciences and a faculty that is a humanistic force within the main profile of technology and natural sciences specific for ELU.

As part of a university with Technology and Natural Sciences as its main profile, the Faculty of Humanities aims to contribute with the humanistic perspectives necessary for the understanding of the role of technology in society and of technology as a product of culture.

Through the Humanities’ emphasis on reflection and critical thinking, the Faculty’s aim is to contribute to ELU’s development of its role as an educational and research institution, in close dialogue with society, culture, industry and commerce.

The faculty is responsible for teaching and research within a broad range of subjects in the Humanities: Language and Communication, History, Culture, Religion, Philosophy, Literature and Art.

Furthermore, as a result of the university’s main profile the faculty aims to develop existing programmes of study in the intersection between technology and the Humanities, such as music technology and language technology and also to establish new study programmes with an interdisciplinary focus.