Ways to Reduce Plastic Usage and Live More Green

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Ways to Reduce Plastic Usage and Live More Green

We all know that our planet is in crisis. Rising sea levels, global climate change, and our oceans full of plastic are just a few of the issues plaguing our ecosystem. Solving these problems could feel impossible, but there are actually lots of small ways you can be more eco-friendly in your everyday life.

You’ve likely already considered a lot of common ones, like:

  • Driving your car less
  • Recycling glass, metal, and plastic
  • Reducing water usage with shorter showers, only running dishwashers/washing machines when they’re full, etc.
  • Keeping the thermostat at a more moderate temperature
  • Turning off lights and other electronics when you aren’t using them

That’s just a small sample of ways you can help the planet with your daily behaviors. But if you want to make serious change in the world, you have to go a little further.

Did you know that plastic is one of the biggest problems are oceans and marine wildlife is facing right now? Reducing our plastic usage is extremely important. This is because plastic never actually breaks down – it just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists today in some form. Unfortunately, due to our current plastic usage, scientists predict there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Plastic harms fish and animals in the ocean, as they ingest it and get sick, or get stuck in a piece of plastic. Even humans can ingest small bits of plastic as we swim in the ocean.

There are lots of small ways you can cut back on plastic to help the oceans and the planet. Consider these efforts you can make in your everyday life

-Request “no straw” when eating out, and encourage restaurants to serve straws only upon request (and if they must use straws, ask for paper straws).

-Use reusable straws (there are glass, stainless steel, and bamboo options) at home, or bring them with you when you eat out.

-Keep reusable utensils in bag or purse when you eat out or on the go.

-Use Bee’s Wrap instead of Saran Wrap or plastic bags to store food.

-Use Organic Cotton Produce bags for fruits, veggies, and buying foods in bulk instead of plastic packaging at the grocery store or farmers market.

-Drink your tea or coffee out of a reusable coffee mug. Many coffee shops will put your drink right into your reusable cup if you ask.  And some even offer a discount for bringing your own mug.

-Bring a metal reusable water bottle with you everywhere so you aren’t tempted to buy plastic. (Kleen Kanteen and Hydroflask are both great options.)

-Replace your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush. These brushes can be composted, and typically have a bamboo handle and bristles made of a vegetable oil base. Plus, they last just as long as regular toothbrush.


If we all make these small efforts, we can drastically reduce the planet’s use of plastic and keep the oceans healthy for future generations. How do you help reduce your impact on the environment?