How to Use Social Media to Land A Job

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How to Use Social Media to Land A Job

If you aren’t harnessing the power of social media to help you in your job search, you’re making a big mistake. It’s not just for sharing memes and keeping up with old friends – when you do it right, it can help give you a leg up and find your dream job. Today’s job recruiters know their candidates are active on social media, and they will look for you. As much you might try and convince yourself that they won’t care to find your Facebook page, the truth is, they will. First you need to make sure your social media presence promotes you in a good light. And once you’ve done that, go above and beyond to show off what a great candidate you are.

Just a standard one-page resume isn’t enough to show off your skills anymore. By utilizing the tools available to you on social media, you can promote yourself as a talented, well-rounded candidate. A robust social media presence that’s appropriate and exhibits your excitement for the industry will set you apart. Give your online presence a makeover on all the top social media sites with these tips. You’ll have a great job in no time!


Hopefully you know that if you’re looking for a job in 2017, LinkedIn is the first place a  recruiter will look. Make sure you have a profile that’s fully filled out, including relevant roles, any projects or awards, and notable skills. Make sure you have a professional profile photo – ask a friend to take one for you if you don’t. It should be an image that shows the promoter that you are a responsible candidate. Once your profile is complete, make connections with former coworkers, mentors, professors, and classmates. Sharing articles from your industry will also help show that you are a proactive, passionate candidate.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

If you’re active on your personal accounts on these page, make sure you set everything to private to start. Then, you still need to clean up your profiles, mainly your profile pictures and any “About Me” sections. Make sure they all have a professional description of you, or at least isn’t offensive.  You never know how skilled of an internet user the recruiter is, so delete anything that’s questionable. Twitter is a great place to highlight that  you’re engaged in your chosen field, by sharing articles or participating in Twitter Chats. If you’re interested in a creative field, use Instagram to display your style and skills. You might even consider making a second art or design Instagram to use as an online portfolio.

Get Career-Specific

Lots of industries have their own social media sites that are more popular. If you’re a coder or software engineer, making a portfolio on Github is a good idea. Find the outlets that allow you to showcase your skills or previous work — whether small projects and school assignments or a fully developed portfolio.

Consider a Website

Building your own website through Squarespace or other similar sites is easier than you think. From there, you can build your own online portfolio to feature your writing, art-work, or other projects. Even just a simple site with pages for About, Contact, and Work Samples is sufficient. Make sure visitors can see your resume, and find a way to contact you. Plus, it’s a lot easier to include on a business card or email signature.

Social media is your friend, not your enemy. Use it to your advantage to help you land your dream job!