Tech Innovations for 2017

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Tech Innovations for 2017

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest tech trends is key for nailing that job interview or being ready for class discussions. The tech industry is rapidly changing, but there are a few things we can predict. Whether you’re looking to go in to business, marketing, the medical industry, or become an entrepreneur, you can see how these innovations will shape the future. Based on launches and growth from 2016, here are the top tech trends and innovation we can expect to see more of this year.

AI Personal Assistants

With the rise of Amazon’s Alexa, integration of Siri into Macbook. and launch of Google Assistant, it’s safe to say AI Personal assistants are going anywhere. Alexa already lets you play music, order products, and set reminders all with your voice, and is constantly improving. We can all expect to see this personal assistants become more popular and better integrated into every day life. Not only do these help streamline homes, but expect more developments to create an efficient workplace.


Yes, in a way robots are taking over. As machines get smarter, humans (especially human workers) may find themselves being replaced. This has already been seen in factories, fast food restaurants to replace cashiers, and package delivery via drone. Don’t forget self-driving cars, which Tesla and Uber have both been working to bring to the masses. This trend will only continue as smart devices learn your patterns and preferences without you needing to tell them.

VR and augmented reality

The crazy success of Pokemon Go in 2016 is sure to inspire more innovations with Augmented Reality in 2017. VR and AR will likely get more mainstream use, and expect versions to pop up from top tech companies in the next few months. This type of technology will also be found in shops that display exactly what shelf you can find your item, and assistance in finding your car in a parking lot.

Smart Homes & Offices

Practically ever element of a home has a “smart” answer, including light bulbs, thermostats, and door locks. However, there have been issues getting all these devices to work together, with homeowners often needing to buy extra devices to connect them, or needing to use them all separately. For 2017, expect a more thorough integration with these products, making controlling the smart home even easier.


Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and other messaging systems are all rumored to be working on their own Chatbots, or “conversational agents.” These bots will be there to answer questions and really “talk” to users in real time. This could cause a shift in customer experience representatives for many companies, as users expect to do more communication within third party apps like Facebook.

What other tech trends do you see on the rise? This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovations we’ll see this year. After all, 2016 brought us growth in 360 degree video, live video sharing (Snapchat and Facebook Live, drones, self-driving cars and more. Who knows what will be in store over the next few months!