How to Pick One Career When You Have Many Interests

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How to Pick One Career When You Have Many Interests

With the end of school approaching, it’s time to find a job and start your career journey. But if you’re someone with a lot of interests, how do you know what path is the best choice? If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of narrowing down your choices and selecting just one career, read this advice to find out how to pick one career that works best for you.

Determine Your “Must-Haves”

People are more likely to stay at a job when it allows them to do what they do best. It makes sense – people are happier when they get to do what they’re meant to do at work. The trick is figuring out what that calling is.

First, think about what makes a boring task more interesting for you. Let’s say you have to spend the day cleaning. What would make it better? Working with a team, solving riddles throughout, trying new and creative ways to clean? Your answer to this hypothetical will help get to the core of what you need from a career.

Consider taking online personality tests or using career exploration apps – you might be surprised by what it reveals about you.

Choose an Industry

You might not know exactly what type of job you want but choosing an industry that excites you is a great way to start. Remember that just because you have skills in computer programming, doesn’t mean you have to get a job in the tech industry. All industries have positions in all skills. Many of your skills are transferable, so they work in a range of industries.

Look into many industries and determine what skills are most important to them. Brainstorm what your unique experience can bring to an industry. Your specific set of skills could be very beneficial to company you love, even if it isn’t entirely related to the industry.

Think about it – every company needs a website, a marketing team, and creative problem solvers. Don’t think just because you aren’t a fashion designer that you can’t work for a clothing label.

Look for Opportunities for Collaboration

Whatever career you choose, chances are you won’t be using every single one of your skills and interests in it. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck! Look for organizations that allow you to work with other departments and learn about other parts of the business during your time there.

During your time at a company, hopefully you can explore other areas and discover if it’s a path you’re interested in taking for yourself. Take time during an interview to ask about collaboration opportunities to see if it’s something that will be open to you.

Consider a Smaller Company

Often, startups and smaller companies require their employees to wear many hats. You might get more opportunities to try new things when there’s a lean team. When you meet with a potential company, inquire about opportunities for growth and dipping into different aspects of the business.

Take Time and Be Patient

You first position after school or in a new industry might not be the absolute best fit. But that’s okay! Your career is a journey, not a ladder, so you need to take the time to figure out what’s best for you.


As you consider job options, take your time and really think if it’s something you can commit the next year or so to. If not, it’s okay to be picky and wait for a better opportunity to come along. We spend a lot of hours of our life working, and you want it to be something that brings you satisfaction.