How to Choose the Best College to Further Your Education


How to Choose the Best College to Further Your Education

John Dewey once said that education is not preparation for life, education is life itself. That could be the reason why even after Albert Einstein passed on, 14 pieces of his brain are still at McMaster University in Hamilton Canada. Albert was a brilliant mind who kept quoting that he had no special talents of his own, he was just passionately curious. That sounds quite ironic coming from him, but that’s a true pointer to that we never stop learning, whether we get employed, married, or we grow old.

You might want to further your education to seek better chances in your line of work or to change to a completely different field altogether. But, the process of choosing a college is quite taxing so let’s look at how you go about it.

  1. Make a List of Colleges you Would Like to Join

Assuming you have already decided on what you want to pursue, the list of colleges you choose should offer that particular subject and be accredited.

Several factors should govern your choices of an institution as you make your list of preferences, like the distance from where you are currently living or working. Check the learning hours if you are working. There are institutions that offer part-time classes for your preferred course which might allow you time to work and also attend classes.

Don’t just make a list blindly, let those factors govern you. Your choice of college should be able to accommodate your style of living. Unless you are willing to give it all up and go back to school.

  • Make College Visits

College visits are meant to help you obtain all the information you require before making applications. There is so much information that you cannot obtain online. But once you present yourself to that school you are able to observe enough and get firsthand experience of what is going on there.

To be more organized, create a list of the things to look out for and obtain clarity. For example, what is the application process? How much time do they take to enroll new students? What is the overall cost? What kind of culture do they embrace?

Check out the weather to make sure it’s conducive for you. For example, it would be very frustrating to get invited to a school in a very cold region if you were asthmatic because then you would have to start seeking transfer.

  • Sorting and Application

After you have made a list and visited all your prospects, it’s time for you to do away with those that do not sit well with you. A smart choice of the colleges you make an application to should be made based on several factors. Look at the overall cost and go for something that fits within your budget. The overall security of the area is also important to consider, and the quality of education you wish to gain from the college.

Once that is sorted, make your application following the provided guidelines. And make a good application so that you don’t miss out on a good chance just because your application was half-baked.

  • Dealing With Rejection

College applications are often rejected for various reasons and it is usually a very frustrating situation but… You have to be strong enough to overcome it.

The first thing to do is accept, and forge ways to move on. Don’t forget you made several applications and it’s unlikely that all of them will be declined. Look at those that have accepted your application and embrace the opportunity.

If you still feel that the ones that rejected your application are your best fits, wait for a year and reapply. Alternatively, you can join one of those that accepted your application and seek a transfer later on. That’s still a smart move. Right?


Every successful undertaking begins with having a smart strategy. Begin with making a list of colleges that could offer you value. Embark on research to find out what it takes to join those particular institutions. Visit each one of them to have a clear understanding of what it is you are getting yourself into. After obtaining the information, then do away with those that you feel does not suit you. If they are not into you, never say die. Join those that accept your application and move on with your studies unapologetically. Don’t forget you can still reapply or transfer to your preferred college if the first application fails.

Good things come to those who wait, but the best things come to those who never give up. Go for what you want.