How to Avoid Internet Distractions and Improve Your Productivity


How to Avoid Internet Distractions and Improve Your Productivity

Have you ever sat at your desk ready to handle a particular task, only to find yourself scrolling through your newsfeed an hour later? (Probably all the time). So, is the internet a distraction? Without a doubt, The internet can be of great help to business growth and studies, but then it also holds the potential to bring down your productivity close to zero. Yeah, zero. You read that right. So let’s look at how to avoid internet distractions. 

  1. Following a Schedule 

Planning helps you to manage your time efficiently. You can set time aside for your studies or work at a particular time of day when people are less likely to be looking for you. Then keep off your gadgets for the amount of time you intend to do your work. You can also set time aside when you will be going through the internet. That is time to reply to pending emails, peruse the newsfeed, or post your pending content. 

2. Silence or Switch off Your Gadget 

How do you deal with the distractions on the internet with all the chimes, bells, and vibrations? You simply can’t. The simple solution? Switch off the damn phone! Alternatively, switch your gadget to silent mode. Every notification to your phone can rob you of 30 minutes of your work or more which translates to minimal productivity. 

3. Going Old-school 

Sometimes you’ll find that you do not need to access the internet for your work. For example, if you already have textbooks or handwritten notes to read, you only need a pen and a book. Modernization has led many to think that there must be a computer nearby for any task to be completed. But that’s not the case. If you don’t need any internet connections, go old-school.

4. Browser Extensions

Another simple solution is installing browser extensions that bar you from other sites that might distract you. That works well if your work is dependent on the internet. Browser extensions such as rescue time or time tracker are an excellent option for Chrome and Firefox users. Others include stay-focused, leech block, and keep me out. 


5. Set Your Goals

Every self-improvement article you come across will preach the gospel of goal setting. The main reason is, if you wander without a predefined destination, a home could be anywhere. So, anytime you sit down to study or work on something, it’s advisable to have something you intend to have achieved by the time you head to something else.


Internet distractions can ruin your productivity immensely. It would help to have a schedule with time dedicated to your work and for the internet. 

Consider switching off your gadgets or turning down your notifications. If possible, go old-school, but download browser extensions that bar internet distractions if you have to be using a computer. Most importantly, don’t work without a goal. Follow these tips keenly if you want to avoid internet distractions and improve your productivity.