Best Travel Destinations for Foodies

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One of the best things about traveling is getting to experience the cuisines of another city. Whether it’s a Michelin-rated restaurant or something from a food stall at an outdoor market, there are delicious things to be had all over the world! If you love to eat and discover new foods, consider these destinations that are perfect for foodies.

Paris, France

Of course there are the classics of pastries and escargot, but Paris is so much more than that! You’ll never forget your first Croque Monsieur sandwich, enjoyed at an outdoor bistro. They may have some unique famous foods, like escargot and frog legs, but trying them should be at the top of your bucket list. Even if it’s a food that you’ve had before, like a croissant or a crepe, the Parisians just do it better.

Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the most famous restaurants in the world is Noma, located in Copenhagen, and the menu uses non-traditional ingredients for a truly unique experience. Thanks to head chef Rene Redzepi, this city is full of acclaimed chefs who are attempting their own spin on cuisines from around the world. Tacos in Copenhagen? It’s certainly unexpected, but definitely delicious.

London, England

London gets a bad rap for its food, but their fish ‘n chips are worth the flight alone! This city is full of immigrants from around the world, so you can eat your way from India to Brazil to Afghanistan in one food hall ,like Borough Market. Plus you can’t forget the classic English breakfast, followed up by afternoon tea. The city is full of comfort foods that you really can’t find anything else.

San Sebastian, Spain

While not a major metropolitan area like Paris or London, this Spanish city has more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else. There’s a restaurant for every budget, serving up paella and tapas, including pintxos bars with gourmet-style bites that are super affordable. Plus, it’s right in the center of Spain’s wine region, so you’ll eat and drink well throughout your trip.

Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is an amazing place to eat a unique fusion of Asian food, and dishes that are uniquely Hawaiian. It’s become a place of revolution for food trucks, and some of the best food in the state can be found in parking lots and markets. Don’t forget a the Hawaiian lunch plate, made of macaroni salad, rice, and your choice of meat. Grab a tropical juice drink on the side and you’ll be saying “aloha!”

Tokyo, Japan

If you love sushi, Tokyo is likely already on your list. But that’s not the only delicious thing you can find in this city. Slurp up some ramen, head to an izakaya for freshly grilled meats, or some of the city’s takes on international dishes like pizza. Some of the best things in food are happening in this city – not to mention the freshest fish you’ve ever had. Don’t forget to enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony before you head home!


The world is full of delicious foods – so go out there and try them!