Best Stress-Reducing Hobbies

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Best Stress-Reducing Hobbies

So, you need to relieve stress, but you hate yoga. That’s ok!  There are tons of other hobbies you can try to unplug, get your mind off the stress of school, and give yourself a break. These are the best stress-reducing hobbies that are worth trying during your next study break.


Whether you simply learn to take better pictures of your friends and family or delve into the world of creating true art, photography can be a great hobby. As you practice seeing the world through the eye of a photographer, you may begin to see things differently. The end result? Not only do you have a diverting hobby and an activity to call your own (plus a budding Instagram influencer career!), but you see the world as a more beautiful place in your daily life!


We take photos all the time. But when was the last time you printed one? The digital feed is nice to scroll through, but so is a physical photo album you can cherish for years to come. Print out your favorite photos of family and friends, get some fun paper, and get crafting. Plus, it’s a great way to remember all your favorite times you’ve had over the years.


This classic activity is super low-tech, but very calming. Puzzles are great because you can keep a big one going for a long time, and head over to it whenever you need a mental break. They even make puzzle protectors so your work-in-progress won’t get destroyed if you need to take some time off.

Drawing & Coloring

You don’t have to be the next Michelangelo to enjoy drawing. Start by trying to draw something from a memory, or a still life of your work space. If you need help, try printing out some how-to-draw sheets online or from a book at the library. Or, you could really chill out with an adult coloring book. This new trend is available wherever you buy books, so pick up some crayons and get coloring.


Similar to drawing, but the feel of paint on paper can be extra soothing for some. Plus, you can hang your creation on your wall or give to a friend! Pick up some canvases, brushes, and basic paint colors at an art store and take a painting break.


This craft is relaxing and productive – you can end up with scarves, beanies, blankets, and more for yourself or your friends. This is also a good hobby to do while you’re watching TV or riding on the train, because it keeps you from staring at your phone. There are tons of online videos to teach you how to knit, plus patterns to create something boutique-worthy.


Writing daily, either in a journal or short fiction writing, can be very cathartic. Try starting your mornings with journal writing. You can create to do lists, remind yourself what you’re thankful for, and set goals for yourself. It’s a great way to settle your mind, plus putting things on paper can help you make important decisions.


Studies have shown that getting your groove on goes beyond cardiovascular benefits. One Italian study found that people who took waltzing classes were happier than participants who just spent time on a bicycle or on the treadmill, according to Psychology Today. Look for studios near you or join a club on campus to learn some new moves.


Give these hobbies a try to give your mind a break and watch the stress melt away. Which activity do you want to try?