6 Tips To Improve Study Habits

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6 Tips To Improve Study Habits

Even the best students might feel they could improve their study habits. As exams loom, take a look at your study techniques and consider what works for you- and what doesn’t. Try these 6 tips to study for your next test more effectively.

Ask yourself – How do I learn best?

Do you prefer to study alone, or with others? Do you need silence or is some noise okay? Asking these questions can help you determine your best way to study. If you’re not entirely sure, try studying a few different ways and see what helps keep you motivated and focused best. While studying alone can be great for avoiding distractions, working in a group might help you stay motivated and provide new perspectives. It’s really up to you.

Set Up Your Work Space

Whether it’s the library, a desk in your room, or a coffee shop, figure out where you’re going to study and make it the best environment possible. Remove any distractions, make sure you have enough light and surface area for your notebooks, get a comfortable chair, etc.

Cater Your Habits to the Topic

Depending on the subject, your study techniques will likely need to change. Flashcards are great for vocab words, but for math, you need to sit and solve practice problems. Just because one technique works for one subject doesn’t mean it will work for another. Always consider if there’s perhaps a better way to do it.

Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is every student’s enemy. If you’re stuck in this trap of waiting until the last minute to study, challenge yourself to change before your next test. Look at your next test on a calendar and count back from there based on how much studying you can get done each day. Give yourself a certain amount of chapters or topics to study each week or day. By setting goals as you lead up to the test, you have something to hold you accountable to your studying. When you give yourself more time to study, you’ll be more prepared for the test.

Go Above and Beyond

Doing the bare minimum of completing the homework and skimming the book is not likely to result in a test score you’re proud of. You’ll need to put in the extra work to study, give yourself practice problems, ask your professors for help, work with a group, or any other technique that works for you. You’ll be glad you took the time to thoroughly prepare when you’re able to sit down for your test with confidence.

Ask For Help

Your professor wants you to do well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what might be on the test, sections you should study in particular, or clear up any confusions on topics. They also want to reward hard-working students, so they might be willing to give you extra information by attending office hours or just sending them an email. They might even have old tests you can practice with. Remember- they know what’s on the test. Plus, establishing a positive relationship will only come in handy if anything comes up down the road.