5 Amazing Tips to Help you Remain a Jewel in the Job Market.


5 Amazing Tips to Help you Remain a Jewel in the Job Market.

“Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that separates the sheep from the goats”. Sue Grafton. 

Graduates and people in employment are all similar from an employer’s point of view. You need to raise your head above the rest and make that announcement through the exceptional execution of your ideas if you feel different.

95% of the time, your CV will be shredded and trashed If it looks like everybody else’s. But, I bet you don’t even want to keep sending those CVs. You want people to mention your name whenever your service is required. Right?

So let’s dive in and see how you can get there.

  1. Choose Where to Start Your Career Wisely

Very few people take time to think about the companies they want to join after graduation. Most people will grab anything in sight just to get the ‘working’ title. 

But… the wise think things over.

The first institution you join after graduation determines a lot in terms of what follows in your career. A question of whether to join a startup or an established organization is something you should never take for granted. Most established organizations pay well even as you begin your career, which is good if you have financial constraints. However, established organizations present you with defined roles. Most of the tasks are repetitive and there isn’t much to learn after some time.

A startup might not offer you much money, but there is more growth since you get a lot to handle and learn each day. The good thing is, you can always point out your successes in the future. For example, if you raised their revenue from point A to B, it will always be a great reference. 

2. Learn the Tasks in Demand 

After some time in the field, you will have learned quite a mouthful. Now… allow yourself to specialize. Don’t be a jack of all trades if you want to excel. Scan for that one particular task which is a headache to everybody. Focus on perfecting that That task that people would pay you well to handle. Focus until you can do it with your eyes closed. 


You can command your rates if you are the only person who can do it perfectly and If you are the go-to person. And… People will pay. Steven Van Zandt used to say, ‘what the world needs is an emergency boss. An emergency Czar. An emergency commander. A true master of disaster. One person, completely responsible for the anticipation, immediate reconnaissance, and urgent execution of rescue and relief efforts around the world’. 

Could you be that one emergency commander in your field?

3. Build Your Network 

It’s good to have a network, but… it’s even better to have the right network. Surround yourself with people who can shout your name whenever an opportunity presents in the room. 


Seriously… there is no way you can grow without a network. The easiest way to scale the heights of success is to let people know you personally, and you also get to know them. There is one problem in the present world; people have contacts they never use.  Try to keep in touch with your network. Remind people you exist, and you are still awesome at what you do. It is the strong bonds you create with people that will have them recommending you whenever they hear of an opportunity. 

4. Build a Winning CV

When it comes to building your CV, make sure you deliver what you promise. Don’t let your recommenders down with poor performance. Whenever you get a job, make sure your employer can confidently recommend you to the next prospect.

And when it comes to crafting your CV (note the difference), you’ve only got about 5 minutes to impress the human resource. If your CV looks like everybody else’s, you may only get the job depending on how nice your name sounds. And that is just not awesome, right?

So here is what you need to do…

Craft a CV that tells a story about you, what you have achieved, what you can offer the prospect, and how different you are from the rest. While everybody else talks about having good communication skills, state that you can speak in front of a large audience. So many people suffer from stage fright. Being able to address people is not a minimal achievement. It is the little things that make the difference. Spill those beans.

5. Self Marketing

There are zero chances of a product ever growing into a profitable business if it’s not marketed, however great it may be. Similarly, you need to market yourself and your skill so you can evolve. Start viewing yourself as a brand. Put yourself out there as an available service on sale. Reach out to people on social media. Create a website where people can learn more about you and what you offer. Furnish them with awesome content on the website. Let them know that they can’t find a better alternative. Display your expertise with every opportunity you get. Writing articles and blog posts in your field to answer common questions is also a great way to market yourself. Don’t be afraid to be known. It pays well.


The world has become a very competitive space. Jobs and opportunities are also condensed considering that robots and automated machines are also claiming a share of the limited opportunities. It is important to adopt strategies that will set you apart if you wish to succeed. Strategies such as massively marketing yourself, creating an extensive network, and building a strong CV for yourself, will see you swim through the crowd with ease.

Even as you search for that job you wish to have, feel challenged to do it differently. Things will never be the same for you.