How to Channel Your Energy Towards Success


In 2007, 17 years old Colton Harris Moore escaped from juvenile custody. He proceeded to become the most wanted teenager. His criminal activities included breaking into people’s houses, stealing cars, and boats. The most fascinating of all, at one time he stole credit cards and bought airplane manuals which he studied and learned how to fly. He was on the run for two years but by the time Moore was caught, he had stolen 5 planes some of which he had successfully landed.

The story teaches us that there is so much potential in the young generation which can be Channeled to bring forth success. But how can you channel your energy towards your goals?

1. Brave Your Fears

Fear is the greatest hindrance to success. Oftentimes you get ideas in your head that you would like to execute, but fear of the unknown holds you back. Take Colton Harris for example. He wanted to fly planes. Even after his first attempt to fly which ended up crushing in the woods, he did not coil back into a corner. He still went for another try, even with the authorities looking for him. It was dangerous, but he still did it. This is the kind of mindset you should adopt.

2. Seek Solutions

When you start pursuing your goals, you are practically inviting challenges. At some point you might feel like giving up. The best approach is to seek help from experienced individuals. Re-evaluate your steps then restructure your strategies. Come up with solutions as the challenges arise. Colton had not anticipated that his first flight would end up crashing. When that happened, he went back to his manuals. He studied them again, noting down his mistakes. He made sure his second flight would be a better one. Isn’t that resilience at its best?

3. Take a Step Back

The problem with goals is that they create some sense of urgency. You will be so intent on attaining them that you get overwhelmed. This is where most people reach their breaking point. When things don’t work out, take a step back. Go for a vacation if need be. Some people prefer meditation, which is also good if it works for you. While at it try to think of better ways of approaching your goals. The human brain gets creative in calm environments. This will help you to Channel your energy towards the right direction.

4. Channel Your Energy Towards Your Strength

Your strengths should always be your anchor. Students are encouraged to work hard in their best subjects. If they fail in their worst subject, their average performance will still be good because they did exceptionally well in their best subjects. This applies everywhere, even in business. Forget about your weaknesses and let your strength get you there. Not to praise him, but Colton Harris is such an inspiration. The kid grew up in the woods. He knew the place well, and that’s where he went to hide because the authorities were not so good at navigating the area. There he had enough time to study and better himself.

5. Always Remember Your Driving Force

Never lose sight of your goals. Always remember why you started. When you feel angry, get to work. When you feel frustrated, get to work. When you are happy, get to work. Bar all emotions from diverting you. When all that energy is directed towards one particular goal there is no room for failure.


Colton Harris Moore did not have the best upbringing, he had no money to pay for aviation classes, and when he became a criminal he was always on the run, sleeping in the woods. You expect self pity, fear, and even hatred from such a person. Maybe he had all that, but he channeled that energy towards his goals.

Brave your fears and get started. When challenges come, seek solutions. If it gets overwhelming, take a break. Keep your eyes on your goals and let your strength be your best support. This is how you Channel your energy towards success.