Foreign languages graduate programs are typically designed to meet the needs of students pursuing academic and other professional careers that necessitate intercultural language proficiency. Some foreign language degree programs might even offer students the option to undertake a multilingual course of study where the student might have the opportunity to study two or more languages. Many foreign language degree programs approach learning about a new language from an interdisciplinary focus where coursework may include; cultural studies, cinema, art, translation, linguistics and business. A graduate of a foreign language degree program works to develop a strong foundation of knowledge of the culture and literature of their chosen area of study. Individuals who earn a degree in foreign language might purse careers in fields such as teaching, international relations, international business, government, or research. Foreign language graduate programs may be offered in a number of specializations including;

  • French and Romance Philology
  • German
  • Italian
  • Finnish
  • East Asian Languages and Literatures
  • Modern languages
  • Spanish
  • Arabic Language and Literature
  • Japanese Literature

Coursework and graduation requirements in a foreign language degree program will likely vary according to the foreign language degree being pursued.

Foreign language graduate programs are offered at all degree levels.

The Master’s degree in Foreign Language Education combines core foundation classes and content electives with fieldwork and student teaching. You’ll study teaching methods, linguistics, your target foreign language, second language acquisition research, intercultural and multicultural perspectives in education, students with special needs, and adolescent learners in urban contexts, and complete a culminating project. You’ll also participate in hands-on learning through observation opportunities in East London elementary and high schools. Elective courses focus on topics such as language assessment and evaluation, including one-credit workshops in teaching a foreign language.