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As you consider your future and plan a graduate program, consider where your passion lies and how you want to spend your time in the future. Your graduate program should feed your passion and prepare you for your best future. We want to assist you in achieving your dreams.

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Whether your research is transdisciplinary or pure theory in a single discipline, you can build your foundation, develop new science or engineering, and publish results that change our understanding of the universe

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Our 20+ Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs, spread over 5 Faculties cover a wide range of specialties. Discover a world of opportunities !

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The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture offers programs in seven creative disciplines, expanding these fields beyond their traditional boundaries through internal and external collaborations. It has a strong focus on sustainability and relevance, and engages actively with the dynamism, creativity and diversity of many cities in the country in imagining new approaches to art and design education.
The faculty of economics, finance and business administration offers Bachelor and Master’s degrees in accounting, finance, and international business and economics that are loaded with value. In today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever to have the knowledge and skills to effectively—and ethically—manage money, whether you wish to work with individuals or for a company.
The Faculty of Humanities at East London University is both a Faculty within the tradition of human sciences and a Faculty that is a humanistic force within the main profile of technology and natural sciences specific for ELU. As part of a university with Technology and Natural Sciences as its main profile, the Faculty of Humanities aims to contribute with the humanistic perspectives necessary for the understanding of the role of Technology in society and of technology as a product of culture.
Offering one of the largest range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in South Africa, the East London School of Law is ranked among the best law schools in the world. ELU School of Law graduates are highly sought after. Our high entry standards, excellent teaching and wealth of student opportunities prepare our graduates for exciting legal, professional and academic careers.

The East London Faculty of Sciences and Engineering includes 7 departments, 212 full professors, associate and assistant professors, 110 junior researchers and about 3000 students. The Faculty offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate study programs, and pursues research in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics. The Faculty of Sciences is engaged in excellent cooperation with numerous universities and institutes abroad. Professors of the Faculty have been invited as visiting lecturers to European and American universities, and young staff members, as well as postgraduate students, are regularly sent to international universities and institutes for further research.

Student Spotlight.

Student Spotlight

Stephen Stewart

Stephen is a freshman in ELU Biology department with a minor in Spanish. His ambition include studying in Europe,…
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